Sinsonic Selection 4.0

V/A - Sinsonic Selection 4.0

Release Date



Track List

01 Disko Dario - Bowling With Skulls (Nachtaktiv Remix)
02 Roger Mills - U and I (Original Mix)
03 Reefer Decree - James Funk (Casa Show Remix)
04 Geomag - Mountain Beat Culture (Original Mix)
05 Toad - In Your Head
06 Dynamic Bastards - One Day Is Not Enough (Original Mix)
07 Mindsurfer - Narayana (Original Mix)
08 Tandem & Dancing Devil - Yolo (Original Mix)
09 Louis Desero - Turbulence (Original Mix)
10 Mindsurfer - For a Better World (Original Mix)


DJane Korento opens the new year with a fiery compilation "Sinsonic Selection 4.0". The Finnish talent presents an excellent selection of her favorite tracks from Sinsonic Records from various electronic genres.