Electrypnose - Remixes

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Track List

1. Electrypnose - Funny Faces (Gumnut Remix)
2. Electrypnose - Klungsum (Sensient Remix)
3. Electrypnose - Seeking the Shape (Skwid Remix)
4. Electrypnose - NWW (Terrafractyl Remix)
5. Electrypnose - Sunny Heart (Pspiralife Cover)
6. Electrypnose - Let's Shaggy (Imperfect Circle Remix)
7. Electrypnose - Triste Gaîté (Mindsurfer Remix)


Sinsonic Records is pleased to dedicate a special edition to the artist Electrypnose, who has been instrumental in shaping Psytrance for the past 20 years - including seven carefully selected remixes by various artists from around the world.