Mindsurfer - Earth

Release Date



Track List

01 - Mindsurfer - Earth (Original Mix)
02 - Mindsurfer - My Mind (Original Mix)
03 - Mindsurfer - Stop It (Original Mix)
04 - Mindsurfer - Mother Nature (Original Mix)
05 - Mindsurfer - Feeling Free (Orgongroove Remix)


True to his inimitable style, in this release Mindsurfer again focuses on a mix of sophisticated music and sufficient drive for the dance floor, but not without meddling with some experiments. And so he presents his new arrangements as a polished combination of contemporary offbeat and old school progressive, interspersed with far-eastern elements and highlighted with some powerful bass lines. The resulting earthy sound with its clear elements, and nonetheless playful form, already makes you curious and evokes a desire for his future Elements EPs.