Woodroom Diversity

V/A - Woodroom Diversity

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Track List

1. Toad - In Your Head (Original Mix)
2. Adda - Eric Knows the Future (Original Mix)
3. Tandem - Morning Glory (Original Mix)
4. Shinouda - Metron (Original Mix)
5. Schädelleuchten - Game of Tones (Original Mix)
6. Mindsurfer - My Guardian Angel (Original Mix)
7. Millivolt - Encrypted Dimension (Badbug Remix)
8. Orgonflow - Light in the Dark (Original Mix)
9. Dancing Devil & Rematic - Apocalypso (Original Mix)
10. Cosinus - Neuraltransmitter (Original Mix)
11. Flow Box - Awakening (Original Mix)


After a decade, Woodroom reopens their doors for a new story of psychedelic music in all its diversity. With this compilation they unite the scouts of the Swiss psychedelic music scene and connect the colorful and varied branches of Psytrance.